37.106.2823 RESIDENT AGREEMENT (1) An assisted living facility shall enter into a written resident agreement with each prospective resident prior to admission to the assisted living facility. The agreement shall be signed and dated by a facility representative and the prospective resident or the resident’s legal representative. The facility shall provide the prospective resident or the resident’s legal representative and the resident’s practitioner, if applicable, a copy of the agreement and shall explain the agreement to them. The agreement shall include at least the following items:

  • the criteria for requiring transfer or discharge of the resident to another level of care;
  • a statement explaining the availability of skilled nursing or other professional services from a third party provider to a resident in the facility;
  • the extent that specific assistance will be provided by the facility as specified in the resident service plan;
  • a statement explaining the resident’s responsibilities including but not limited to house rules, the facility grievance policy, facility smoking policy and policies regarding pets;
  • a listing of specific charges to be incurred for the resident’s care, frequency of payment, facility rules relating to nonpayment of services and security deposits, if any are required;
  • a statement of all charges, fines, penalties or late fees that shall be assessed against the resident;
  • a statement that the agreed upon facility rate shall not be changed unless 30 day advance written notice is given to the resident and/or the resident’s legal representative; and
  • an explanation of the assisted living facility’s policy for refunding payment in the event of the resident’s absence, discharge or transfer from the facility and the facility’s policy for refunding security

(2) When there are changes in services, financial arrangements, or in requirements governing the resident’s conduct and care, a new resident/provider agreement must be executed or the original agreement must be updated by addendum and signed and dated by the resident or the resident’s legal representative and by the facility representative.