44-106.02. Resident agreements.

(a) A written contract must be provided to the resident prior to admission and signed by the
resident or surrogate, if necessary, and a representative of the ALR. The nonfinancial portions
of the contract shall include the following:
(1) The ALR’s organizational affiliations (including parent or subsidiary organizations, religious
or charitable affiliation, and management company);
(2) The specific nature of any special care that it holds itself out to provide, such as specialty
in Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease;
(3) An identification of services to be included and excluded, part of which is the ISP;
(0) A list of resident rights including grievance procedures;
() Unit assignment and procedures if changes occur;
(6) Admission and discharge policies which include clear and specific criteria for admission,
transfer, and discharge;
(7) A description of responsibility for provision or coordination of healthcare, if any;
(8) An arrangement for notification in case of the resident’s death; and
(9) A disposition of the resident’s property upon discharge, transfer, or death of the resident.