481—57.17 (135C) Resident care and personal services.

57.17(1) Beds shall be made daily and adjusted as necessary. A complete change of linen shall be
made at least once a week and more often if necessary. (III)
57.17(2) Residents shall receive sufficient supervision so that their personal cleanliness is
maintained. (II, III)
57.17(3) Residents shall have clean clothing as needed to present a neat appearance, be free of
odors, and to be comfortable. Clothing shall be appropriate to their activities and to the weather. (III)
57.17(4) Rescinded, effective 7/14/82.
57.17(5) Residents shall be encouraged to leave their rooms and make use of the recreational room
or living room of the facility. (III)
57.17(6) Residents shall not be required to pass through another’s bedroom to reach a bathroom,
living room, dining room, corridor, or other common areas of the facility. (III)
57.17(7) Rescinded, effective 7/14/82.
57.17(8) Uncontrollable residents shall be transferred or discharged from the facility in accordance
with contract arrangements and requirements of Iowa Code chapter 135C. (II, III)
57.17(9) Residents shall be required to bathe at least twice a week. (II, III)
57.17(10) Nonambulatory residents.
a. All nonambulatory residents shall be housed on the grade level floor. (II)
b. These provisionsin paragraph “a” above relating to nonambulatory residents are not applicable
if the facility has a suitably sized elevator.