37.106.2828 RESIDENT RIGHTS (1) The facility shall comply with the Montana Long-Term Care Residents’ Bill of Rights, found at 50-5-1101, et seq., MCA. This includes the posting of the facility’s statement of resident rights in a conspicuous place. Prior to or upon admission of a resident, the assisted living facility shall explain and provide the resident with a copy of the Montana Long-Term Care Residents’ Bill of Rights.

  • Residents have the right to execute living wills and other advance health care directives and to have those advance directives honored by the facility in accordance with
  • Prior to admission of a resident, the assisted living facility must inform a potential resident in writing of:
    • their right (at the individual’s option) to make decisions regarding medical care, including the right to accept or refuse medical treatment, and the right to formulate an advance directive; and
    • explain and provide a copy of the facility’s policies regarding advance directives, including a policy that the facility cannot implement an advance directive, either because of a conscientious objection(under50-9-203, MCA), or, for some other reason as stated in facility policy (under 50- 9-203, MCA).
  • If the facility policy is not to implement an advanced directive the facility shall:
  • take all reasonable steps to transfer the resident to a facility which has no prohibition against implementation of advance directives; or
  • shall inform the resident in writing of any limitations placed upon implementation of the resident’s advance directive by the
  • An assisted living facility may not require an execution of an advance directive as a condition for