RESIDENT ROOMS:

  1.             The facility’s bed capacity shall not exceed the capacity approved by the licensing authority.
  2.             Each resident room shall have an outside room with a window.  The area of the outdoor window shall be at least one tenth (1/10th) of the floor area of the room.
  3.             Resident rooms shall not be less than seven (7) feet wide in any horizontal dimension.
  4.             There must be no through traffic in resident rooms.  Resident rooms must connect directly to other internal common areas of the facility.
  5.             The window shades, drapes, curtains, or blinds in the resident rooms shall be in good repair and of flame-retardant materials.
  6.             Resident rooms may be private or semi-private.  Semi-private rooms may not house more than two (2) residents.

                                (1)           Private rooms shall have a minimum of one hundred (100) square feet of floor area.  The closet and locker area shall not be counted as part of the available floor space.

                                (2)           Semi-private rooms shall have a minimum of eighty (80) square feet of floor area for each bed and shall be furnished in such a manner that the room is not crowded and passage out of the room is not obstructed.  A separate closet for each resident shall be provided. The closet and locker area shall not be counted as part of the available floor space.  The beds shall be spaced at least three (3) feet apart.

  1.             If a resident chooses not to bring their own furnishings to the facility; each resident room shall be provided with, as a minimum, the following furnishings per resident:

                                (1)           a bed that shall be at least thirty-six (36) inches wide, of sturdy construction and in good repair;

                                (2)           each bed shall be provided with a clean, comfortable mattress of at least four (4) inches in thickness, which is waterproof, or protected with a waterproof covering and a mattress pad;

                                (3)           each bed shall be provided with a clean, comfortable pillow;

                                (4)           each bed shall be provided with a pillow case, two (2) clean sheets, blankets and a bedspread appropriate for the weather and the climate;

                                (5)           an individual closet or closet area with a clothes rack for hanging clothes and shelves or drawers that are accessible to the resident;

                                (6)           a dresser with drawers;

                                (7)           a bedside table or desk;

                                (8)           a chair;

                                (9)           a reading lamp; and

                                (10)         a mirror.

[ NMAC – Rp, NMAC, 1/15/2010]


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