37.106.2822 RESIDENT SERVICE PLAN: CATEGORY A (1) Based on the initial resident’s needs assessment, an initial service plan shall be developed for all category A residents. The initial service plan shall be reviewed or modified within 60 days of admission to assure the service plan accurately reflects the resident’s needs and preferences.

  • The service plan shall include a written description of:
    • what the service is;
    • who will provide the service;
    • when the service is performed;
    • where and how often the service is provided;
    • changes in service and the reasons for those changes;
    • if applicable, the desired outcome;
    • an emergency contact with phone number; and
    • the prospective resident’s practitioner’s name, address, telephone number and whether there are any health care decision making instruments in effect if
  • The resident’s needs assessment and service plan shall be reviewed and updated annually, or any time the resident’s needs change
  • A copy of the resident service plan shall be given to the resident or resident’s legal representative and be made part of the resident


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