Resident telephone usage

NAC 449.232  Telephones; emergency telephone numbers for each resident; listing of facility’s telephone number. (NRS 449.0302)

1.  Each residential facility shall have a telephone that the residents may use to make local calls.

2.  A list of telephone numbers to be called in case of an emergency for each resident must be located near the telephone. The list must include the telephone number of the resident’s physician and the telephone number of a friend of the resident or one of the members of the resident’s family.

3.  The telephone number of the facility must be listed in the telephone directory under the name of the facility.

Pro Tip:

Believe it or not, this is one issue that often comes up and it relates directly to the dignity of the resident and being able to communicate with others outside of the facility. This should be a phone in a private area (not the common living room, or the front desk business phone). So, think about where you can place a phone that residents can use for private conversations.