Supporting Residents Rights and Obtaining Feedback Resident's Bill

When a person chooses to move into an Assisted Living Facility in the state of Mississippi they are entitled to certain rights as a resident of your facility. These rights are extremely important and designed to protect the dignity of our seniors and allow them to continue to be productive and respected citizens of the state.

Rule 47.11.11 Residents’ Rights. These rights and licensed facility rules must be in writing and be made available to all residents, employees, sponsors, and posted for public viewing. Each resident shall:

  1. Have the right to attend religious and other activities of his/her choice.
  2. Have the right to manage his/her personal financial affairs, or is given at least a quarterly accounting of financial transactions made on his/her behalf should the facility accept the written delegation from the resident or from his/her responsible party of this responsibility to the facility for any period of time in conformance with State law.
  3. Not be required to perform services for the licensed facility.
  4. Have the right to communicate with persons of his/her choice, and may receive mail unopened or in compliance with the policies of the home.
  5. Be treated with consideration, kindness, respect, and full recognition of his/her dignity and individuality.
  6. May retain and use personal clothing and possessions as space permits.
  7. May voice grievances and recommend changes in licensed facility policies and services.
  8. Shall not be confined to the licensed facility against his/her will, and shall be allowed to move about in the community at liberty. Physical and/or chemical restraints are prohibited.
  9. Not be limited in his/her choice of a pharmacy or pharmacist provider in accordance with State law.

As an operator of an ALF, you will need to fully embrace the rights your residents have and ensure the facility is doing everything in its power to support the unique rights of each individual. Violating these rights has been known to be the subject of many complaint investigations and you can be assured that MSDH will be overly present in your facility if they fear you are not upholding the duty you have to give residents their rights. It is suggested to form a “resident council”- a monthly meeting where residents can freely share their concerns related to resident rights and other aspects of the facility. You should be present for this meeting and use the feedback to make direct changes related to the subject matter.