He-P 805.20 Respite Care in SRHCF.

  • The licensee shall only admit an individual for respite care services when the needs of the individual are compatible with the services and programs offered by the facility and the facility can meet the needs of the individual in accordance with He-P 15.
  • When a temporary admission to an SRHCF occurs and the individual is scheduled for a stay of no more than 30 consecutive days as agreed upon by the individual and the licensee as part of a discharge plan, the licensee shall:
    • Obtain written verification signed by the resident, guardian or agent, if any, or personal representative, indicating they have been given a copy of the resident rights and responsibilities as required by RSA 151:20, I;
    • Obtain a signed admissions contract listing the services that shall be provided;
    • Obtain information regarding allergies, diagnoses, if any, and written and signed orders for medications, treatments, and special diets within 72 hours from the licensed practitioner;
    • Be permitted to use the prescription label on the medication container supplied by the individual as the licensed practitioner’s order provided that:
      1. The medication is in the original bottle as dispensed by the pharmacy;
      2. The pharmacy label has not been altered in any manner; and
      3. The prescription label indicates that the medication is still current;
    • Complete the RAT prior to or immediately on admission;
    • Identify the resident’s history of wandering or unexplained absences; and
    • Obtain advanced directives information, if
  • For planned recurrent respite care the resident shall be discharged but may be readmitted using the same admission documents completed within the previous 6 months, as long as there are no identified changes in the resident’s condition or care
  • If the resident exceeds the 30-day time period, they shall no longer be considered respite care and a complete admission shall occur within 72