NAC 449.15339  Responsibilities and duties of an administrator. 

     1.  The administrator of a facility is responsible to the governing body of the facility for the operation of the facility in accordance with the policies and procedures of the facility.

     2.  The administrator shall:

     (a) Organize the administrative functions of the program, delegate duties and establish a formal means of accountability on the part of subordinates.

     (b) Ensure that a written manual defining the policies and procedures of the program is prepared, regularly revised and updated. The manual must:

          (1) Contain all policies and procedures of the facility, including, without limitation, definitions and other documentation required by NAC 449.15311 to 449.15369; and

          (2) Be available to members of the staff of the facility at all times at designated and convenient locations.

     (c) Appoint a person who has attained the age of majority to act for him or her during any extended absence.