WAC 388-78A-2700  Emergency and disaster preparedness.  (1) The assisted living facility must:

  • Maintain the premises free of hazards;
  • Maintain any vehicles used for transporting residents in a safe condition;
  • Provide, and tell staff persons of a means of emergency ac-cess to resident-occupied bedrooms, toilet rooms, bathing rooms, and other rooms;
  • Provide emergency lighting or flashlights in all areas acces-sible to residents of the assisted living facility.
  • Make sure first-aid supplies are:(i) Readily available and not locked;
  • Clearly marked;
  • Able to be moved to the location where needed; and
  • Stored in containers that protect them from damage, deterio-ration, or contamination.

(f) Make sure first-aid supplies are appropriate for:

  • The size of the assisted living facility;
  • The services provided;
  • The residents served; and
  • The response time of emergency medical services.

(g) Develop and maintain a current disaster plan describing measures to take in the event of internal or external disasters, including, but not limited to:

  • On-duty staff persons’ responsibilities;
  • Provisions for summoning emergency assistance;
  • Coordination with first responders regarding plans for evacuating residents from area or building;
  • Alternative resident accommodations;
  • Provisions for essential resident needs, supplies and equip-ment including water, food, and medications; and
  • Emergency communication plan.

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WAC 388-78A-2703  Safety of the built environment.  The assisted living facility must provide a safe environment and promote the safety of each resident whenever the resident is on the premises or under the supervision of staff persons consistent with the resident’s negotiated service agreement, and must maintain the premises and equipment used in resident care so as to be free of hazards, including:

  • Providing handrails in halls, corridors, lobbies, and other circulation spaces accessible to residents appropriate to the population served and consistent with the facility functional program.
  • Maintaining nonskid surfaces on all stairways and ramps used by residents.
  • Keeping exterior grounds, assisted living facility struc-tures, and component parts safe, sanitary, and in good repair.
  • Providing door hardware to ensure:
  • Residents cannot lock themselves in, or out of, rooms or areas accessible to them; and
  • Residents cannot become locked in storage rooms, closets, or other rooms or areas not intended for resident access.

(5) Providing and informing staff persons of a means of emergency access to resident-occupied bedrooms, toilet rooms, bathing rooms, and other rooms.

[Statutory Authority: Chapters 18.20 and 74.39A RCW. WSR 20-02-104, §

388-78A-2703, filed 12/31/19, effective 1/31/20.]