NAC 449.135  Safety from fire.

     1.  Portable fire extinguishers must be installed throughout each facility at the direction of the fire authority having jurisdiction. Each portable fire extinguisher available at a facility must be inspected, recharged and tagged at least once each year by a person certified by the State Fire Marshal to conduct such inspections.

     2.  Any facility with a kitchen range with an upper surface of more than 15 square feet must provide the range with an exhaust hood having an automatic fire protection system in accordance with the chapter titled “Standards for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations,” of the edition of NFPA 101: Life Safety Code, adopted by reference pursuant to NAC 449.0105.

     3.  A portable room-heating device may be used at a facility if the device:

     (a) Is located at least 2 feet from any combustible material;

     (b) Is plugged directly into a wall socket;

     (c) Turns off automatically if it is tipped over; and

     (d) Has no exposed heating elements.

     4.  Receptacles or outlets serviced by extension cords are prohibited.

     5.  Rooms in which smoking is allowed by direction of the facility or the fire authority must be provided with plainly visible “Smoking Area” signs.

     6.  A facility must conduct fire drills at least monthly and a written record of each drill conducted must be retained in the facility for not less than 12 months after the drill is conducted.