481—57.25(135C) Safety.

The licensee of a residential care facility shall be responsible for the provision
and maintenance of a safe environment for residents and personnel. (III)
57.25(1) Fire safety.
a. All residential care facilities shall meet the fire safety rules and regulations as promulgated by
the state fire marshal. (I, II)
b. The size of the facility and the needs of the residents shall be taken into consideration in evaluating
safety precautions and practices.
57.25(2) Safety duties of an administrator. The administrator shall have a written emergency plan to be
followed in the event of fire, tornado, explosion, or another emergency. (III)
a. The plan shall be posted. (III)
b. In-service shall be provided to ensure that all employees are knowledgeable of the emergency plan. (III)
57.25(3) Resident safety.
a. Residents shall be permitted to smoke only where proper facilities are provided. Smoking shall
not be permitted in bedrooms. Smoking by residents considered to be careless shall be prohibited except
when under direct supervision. (II, III)
b. Smoking is prohibited in all rooms where oxygen is being administered or in rooms where
oxygen is stored. (II, III)
c. Whenever full or empty tanks of oxygen are being used or stored, they shall be securely
supported in an upright position. (II, III)
d. Smoking shall be permitted only in posted areas. (II, III)
e. Residents shall receive adequate supervision to ensure against hazard from themselves, others,
or elements in the environment. (II, III)
57.25(4) Restraints.
a. Rescinded, effective 7/14/82.
b. Residents shall not be kept behind locked doors;
c. Temporary seclusion of residents shall be used only in an emergency to prevent injury to the
resident or to others pending transfer to appropriate placement;
d. A divided door equipped with a securing device that may be readily opened by personnel shall
be considered an appropriate means of temporarily confining a resident in the resident’s room;
e. Divided doors shall be of such type that when the upper half is closed the lower section shall