§ 44-104.01. Sanctions.

(a) The sanctions set forth in § 44-509.
(b) On determining that a licensee has violated this chapter, the Mayor, in addition to the
sanctions required by subsection (a) of this section, may:
(1) Restrict the number of residents the licensee may admit;
(2) Require the licensee to reduce the number of residents in its care;
(3) Require the licensee and any of its staff to receive remedial instruction or training in a
specific area;
(4) Require the licensee to use the services of a management firm approved by the Mayor;
(5) Notify or require the licensee to notify a resident who is affected by the violation and his or
her surrogate;
(6) Increase the frequency of monitoring visits during a specified period of time;
(7) Enter into an agreement with the licensee establishing certain conditions for continued
operation, including time limits for compliance; and
(8) Petition a court of competent jurisdiction to appoint a receiver as provided in subchapter II
of Chapter 10 of this title.
(c) If the Mayor determines that the licensee has violated a condition or requirement of an
imposed sanction, the Mayor may suspend or revoke the license.