1101. General (I).

A. A physical examination shall be completed for residents within thirty (30) days prior to admission and
at least annually thereafter. Physical examinations conducted within thirty (30) days prior to admission by
physicians licensed in states other than South Carolina are permitted for new admissions under the condition
that residents obtain an attending physician licensed in South Carolina within thirty (30) days of admission
to the facility and undergo a second (2nd) physical examination by that physician within thirty (30) days of
admission to the facility. The physical examination shall be updated to include new medical information if
the resident’s condition has changed since the last physical examination was completed. The physical
examination shall address:
1. The appropriateness of placement in a CRCF;
2. Medications/treatments ordered;
3. Self-administration status;
4. Identification of special conditions/care required, e.g., a communicable disease, dental problems,
podiatric problems, Alzheimer’s disease and/or related dementia, etc.; and,
5. The need for (or lack thereof) for the continuous daily attention of a licensed nurse.

B.The admission physical examination shall include a two-step tuberculin skin test, as described in
Section 1702, unless there is a documented previous positive reaction.

C.The physical examination shall be performed only by a physician or other authorized healthcare

D.If a resident or potential resident has a communicable disease, the administrator shall seek advice from
a physician or other authorized healthcare provider in order to:
29 | Regulation 61-84
1. Ensure the facility has the capability to provide adequate care and prevent the spread of that
condition, and that the staff members/volunteers are adequately trained;
2. Transfer the resident to an appropriate facility, if necessary.

E.A discharge summary from a health care facility, which includes a physical examination, maybe
acceptable as the admission physical examination, provided the summary includes the requirements of
Sections 1101.A-C above.

F. Isolation Provisions. Residents with contagious pulmonary tuberculosis shall be separated (See
Section 1702.E) from all other noninfected residents until declared noncontagious by a physician or other
authorized healthcare provider. Should it be determined that the facility cannot care for the resident to the
degree which assures the health and safety of the resident and the other residents of the facility, the resident
shall be relocated to a facility that can meet his/her needs.

G.In the event that a resident transfers from a facility licensed by the Department to a CRCF, an additional
admission physical examination shall not be required, provided the sending facility has had a physical
examination conducted on the resident not earlier than twelve (12) months prior to the admission of the
resident to the CRCF and the physical examination meets requirements specified in Sections 1101.A-C
above unless the receiving facility has an indication that the health status of the resident has changed
significantly. A tuberculin skin test and/or BAMT shall be required within one (1) month after admission
to the CRCF to which the resident transfers, to document baseline status for that facility.