1901. General (II)

A facility shall be planned, designed, and equipped to provide and promote the health, safety, and wellbeing of each resident.
Facility design shall be such that all residents have access to required services. There
shall be at least 200 gross square feet per licensed bed in facilities with ten (10) beds or less, and in facilities
licensed for more than 10 beds, at least an additional 100 gross square feet per licensed bed.

1902. Codes and Standards (II)

A.Facility design and construction shall comply with provisions of the codes officially adopted by the
South Carolina Building Codes Council and the South Carolina State Fire Marshal applicable to community
residential care facilities.

B.Unless specifically required otherwise by the Department, all facilities shall comply with the
construction codes and construction regulations applicable at the time its license was issued.

1903. Submission of Plans (II)

A.Plans and specifications shall be submitted to the Department for review and approval for new
construction, additions or alterations to existing buildings, replacement of major equipment, buildings being
licensed for the first time, buildings changing license type, and for facilities increasing occupant load or
licensed capacity. Final plans and specifications shall be prepared by an architect and/or engineer registered
in South Carolina and shall bear their seals and signatures. Architectural plans shall also bear the seal of a
South Carolina registered architectural corporation. Unless directed otherwise by the Department, submit
plans at the schematic, design development, and final stages. All plans shall be drawn to scale with the title,
stage of submission, and date shown thereon. Any construction changes from the approved documents shall
be approved by the Department. Construction work shall not commence until a plan approval has been
received from the Department. During construction, the owner shall employ a registered architect and/or
engineer for observation and inspections. The Department shall conduct periodic inspections throughout
each project.

B.Plans and specifications shall be submitted to the Department for review and approval for projects that
have an effect on:
1. The function of space;
2. The accessibility to or of an area;
3. The structural integrity of the facility;
4. The active and/or passive fire safety systems (including kitchen equipment such as exhaust hoods
or equipment required to be under an exhaust hood);
5. Doors;
6. Walls;
7. Ceiling system assemblies;
8. Exit corridors;
9. Life safety systems; or
10. That increases the occupant load or licensed capacity of the facility.

C.All subsequent addenda, change orders, field orders, and documents altering the Department review
must be submitted. Any substantial deviation from the accepted documents shall require written
notification, review, and re-approval from the Department.

D.Cosmetic changes utilizing paint, wall coverings, floor covering, etc. that are required to have a flame-spread
rating or to satisfy other safety criteria shall be documented with copies kept on file at the facility
and made available to the Department.

1904. Inspections.
Construction work that violates codes or standards will be required to be brought into compliance. All
projects shall obtain all required permits from the locality having jurisdiction. Construction without proper
permitting shall not be inspected by the Department.