201. General.

The Department shall utilize inspections, investigations, consultations, and other pertinent documentation
regarding a proposed or licensed facility in order to enforce this regulation.

202. Inspections/Investigations.

A.Inspections by the Department shall be conducted prior to initial licensing of a facility and subsequent
inspections conducted as deemed appropriate by the Department. (I)
B.All facilities are subject to inspection/investigation at any time without prior notice by individuals
authorized by the S.C. Code of Laws. When staff members/volunteers/residents are absent, the facility shall
provide information to those seeking legitimate access to the facility, including visitors, as to the expected
return of staff members/volunteers/residents. (I)
C.Individuals authorized by S.C. law shall be allowed to enter the facility for the purpose of inspection
and/or investigation and granted access to all properties and areas, objects, and records in a timely manner,
and have the authority to require the facility to make photocopies of those documents required in the course
of inspections or investigations. Photocopies shall be used only for purposes of enforcement of regulations
and confidentiality shall be maintained except to verify the identity of individuals in enforcement action
proceedings. The physical area of inspections shall be determined by the extent to which there is potential
impact/effect upon residents as determined by the inspector, e.g., flammable liquids unsecured in a staff
member’s bedroom, attic, or basement. (I)
D.When there is noncompliance with the licensing standards, the facility shall submit an acceptable
written plan of correction to the Department that shall be signed by the administrator and returned by the
date specified on the report of inspection/investigation. The written plan of correction shall describe: (II)
1. The actions are taken to correct each cited deficiency;
2. The actions are taken to prevent recurrences (actual and similar);
3. The actual or expected completion dates of those actions.
E.Reports of inspections or investigations conducted by the Department, including the facility response,
shall be provided to the public upon written request with the redaction of the names of those individuals in
the report as provided by 1976 Code Sections 44-7-310 and 44-7-315.
F. In accordance with 1976 Code Section 44-7-270, the Department may charge a fee for plan inspections,
construction inspections, and licensing inspections.

203. Consultations.
Consultations shall be provided by the Department as requested by the facility or as deemed appropriate by
the Department.