2101. Floor Finishes (II).
A.Floor coverings and finishes shall meet the requirements of the building codes.
B.All floor coverings and finishes shall be appropriate for use in each area of the facility and free of
hazards, e.g., slippery surfaces. Floor finishes shall be composed of materials that permit frequent cleaning,
and when appropriate, disinfection.

2102. Wall Finishes (I).
A.Wall finishes shall meet the requirements of the building codes.
B.Manufacturers’ certifications or documentation of treatment for flame spread and other safety criteria
shall be furnished and maintained.

2103. Curtains and Draperies (II).
In bathrooms and resident rooms, window treatments shall be arranged in a manner to provide privacy.

2104. Gases (I).
A.Safety precautions shall be taken against fire and other hazards when oxygen is dispensed,
administered or stored. “No Smoking” signs shall be posted conspicuously, and cylinders shall be properly
secured in place.
B.Smoking shall be allowed only in designated areas in accordance with the facility smoking policy. No
smoking is permitted in resident rooms or staff bedrooms or bath/restrooms.
2105. Furnishings/Equipment (I).
A.The facility shall maintain the physical plant to be free of fire hazards or impediments to fire
B.No portable electric or unvented fuel heaters shall be permitted in the facility.
C.Fireplaces and fossil-fuel stoves, e.g., wood-burning, shall have partitions or screens or other means
to prevent burns. Fireplaces shall be vented to the outside. “Unvented” type gas logs are not allowed. Gas
fireplaces shall have a remote gas shutoff within the room and not inside the fireplace.
D.Wastebaskets, window dressings, cubicle curtains, mattresses, and pillows shall be noncombustible,
inherently flame-resistant, or treated or maintained flame-resistant.