2301. Design and Construction (II).
A.Resident and staff handwashing lavatories and resident showers/tubs shall be supplied with hot and
cold water at all times.
B.Plumbing fixtures that require hot water and are accessible to residents shall be supplied with water
that is thermostatically controlled to a temperature of at least 100 degrees F. and not to exceed 120 degrees
F. at the fixture.
C.The water heater or combination of heaters shall be sized to provide at least six gallons per hour per
bed at the above temperature range. (II)
D.Hot water supplied to the kitchen equipment/utensil washing sink shall be supplied at 120 degrees F.
provided all kitchen equipment/utensils are chemically sanitized. For those facilities sanitizing with hot
water, the sanitizing compartment of the kitchen equipment/utensil washing sink shall be capable of
maintaining the water at a temperature of at least 180 degrees F.
E.Hot water provided for washing linen/clothing shall not be less than 160 degrees F. Should chlorine
additives or other chemicals which contribute to the margin of safety in disinfecting linen/clothing be a part
of the washing cycle, the minimum hot water temperature shall not be less than 110 degrees F., provided
hot air drying is used. (II)

2302. Cross-connections (I).
There shall be no cross-connections in plumbing between safe and potentially unsafe water supplies. Water
shall be delivered at least two delivery pipe diameters above the rim or points of overflow to each fixture,
equipment, or service unless protected against back-siphonage by approved vacuum breakers or other
approved back-flow preventers. A faucet or fixture to which a hose may be attached shall have an approved
vacuum breaker or other approved back-flow preventer.