2501. General (II).
A.The HVAC system shall be inspected at least once a year by a certified/licensed technician.
B.The facility shall maintain a temperature of between 72 and 78 degrees F. in resident areas.
C.No HVAC supply or return grill shall be installed within three feet of a smoke detector. (I)
D.HVAC grills shall not be installed on floors.
E.Intake air ducts shall be filtered and maintained to prevent the entrance of dust, dirt, and other
contaminating materials. The system shall not discharge in such a manner that would be an irritant to the
F. All kitchen areas shall be adequately ventilated in order for all areas to be kept free from excessive
heat, steam, condensation, vapors, smoke, and fumes.
G.Each bath/restroom shall have either operable windows or have approved mechanical ventilation.



2601. Facility Accommodations/Floor Area (II).
A.Consideration shall be given to the preferences of the residents in determining an appropriate homelike
atmosphere in resident rooms and activity/dining areas.
B.There shall be sufficient living arrangements providing for residents’ quiet reading, study, relaxation,
entertainment, or recreation, to include living, dining, and recreational areas available for residents’ use.
C.Minimum square footage requirements shall be as follows: (II)
1. Twenty square feet per licensed bed of living and recreational areas combined, excluding bedrooms,
halls, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, and rooms not available to the residents;
2. Fifteen square feet of floor space in the dining area per licensed bed.
D.All required care/services furnished at the facility shall be provided in a manner that does not require
residents to ambulate from one site to another outside the building(s), nor which impedes residents from
ambulating from one site to another due to the presence of physical barriers.
E.Methods for ensuring visual and auditory privacy between residents and staff/volunteers/visitors shall
be provided as necessary.

2602. Resident Rooms.
A.A resident shall have the choice to furnish his/her room. Whether the resident or the facility furnishes
the room, each resident room shall be equipped with the following as a minimum for each resident:
1. A comfortable single bed having a mattress with moisture-proof cover, sheets, blankets, bedspread,
pillow, and pillowcases; roll-away type beds, cots, bunk beds, and folding beds shall not be used. It is
permissible to remove a resident bed and place the mattress on a platform or pallet or use a recliner provided
the physician or other authorized healthcare provider has approved and the decision is documented in the