Assisted living services agencies may provide nursing services, assistance with
ADLs, and assistance with self-administered medications to residents with chronic and
stable conditions as determined by a physician or health care practitioner. Nursing
services may include resident teaching; wellness counseling; health promotion and
disease prevention; medication administration and delegation of supervision of selfadministered
medications; and the provision of care and services to residents whose
conditions are chronic and stable.

Managed residential communities provide core services, including three meals a
day; laundry; scheduled transportation; housekeeping; maintenance services, including
chore services for routine domestic tasks that the resident is unable to perform; and
social and recreational services.

Managed residential communities may not provide health services unless they
have also been licensed as an assisted living services agency. They may contract with
one or more assisted living service agencies, home health care agencies, or other
appropriately licensed health care providers, to provide health services for residents.
Residential Care Homes. Services provided include personal care, medication
services, recreational activities, laundry, and housekeeping.

Service Planning
Assisted Living Services Agencies. Within 7 days of admission, a registered
nurse (RN) must develop a resident service program in consultation with the resident,
family, and others involved in the resident’s care. The service program must include
information about the resident’s problems and needs; types and frequency of services
and equipment required; and medications, treatments, and other required nursing
services. The program must be reviewed as the resident’s condition requires.
Residential Care Homes. No provisions identified.
Third-Party Providers
Assisted living services agencies may contract with a home health agency or
other licensed health care agency.
Residential Care Homes. No provisions identified.