12.1        Services.  The following services must be offered:


12.1.1           Service coordination to identify a consumer’s need and desire for services and to coordinate the appropriate types and amounts of services, as identified in the service plan.  This activity is to be carried out with the involvement of the consumer, the service provider and other persons of the consumer’s choice, as applicable.  Service coordination includes:           Completing the functional assessment and reassessments;           Coordinating and participating in a health professional’s assessment or reassessment as necessary;           Reviewing, with the consumer, the findings of the functional assessments, the options available to address the consumer’s needs and the development of a service plan;           Implementation of a service plan;           Monitoring of the consumer’s needs and services furnished, as often as necessary;           Advocating on behalf of the consumer; and           Maintaining complete and accurate consumer records.


12.1.2           Housekeeping services to assist consumers with IADLs;


  • Assistance with ADLs;


12.1.4           At least one nutritious meal a day;


12.1.5           Chore services to assist with heavy cleaning; and


12.1.6           Other goods and services identified in the service plan.


12.2        Additional responsibilities.  The provider must assure that:


12.2.1           Administrators meet the requirements of Section 10.5 of these regulations;


12.2.2           Written agreements with service providers and, if applicable, the building owner, are current and comply with the applicable laws and regulations;


12.2.3           The names, addresses, telephone numbers for and descriptions of the services available from advocacy and legal assistance programs and the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program are posted conspicuously;


12.2.4           The requirements of the Maine Human Rights Act, Title 5 M.R.S.A. §4551 et seq., are observed;


12.2.5           Written admission criteria, discharge policies, complaint resolution procedures and consumer fee requirements are given to consumers at the time of application for service;


12.2.6           Consumer and program records are complete, current and available for Department review;


12.2.7           The site meets applicable state and/or federal regulations for handicapped accessibility;


12.2.8           Licensure requirements for food safety are met; and


12.2.9           Licensure requirements for building safety are met.