44-106.07. Services to be provided.

(a) An ALR shall provide or ensure the provision of the following:
(1) Twenty-four-hour supervision and oversight to ensure the well-being and safety of its
(2) Three nutritious and attractive meals and additional snacks, modified to individual dietary
needs as necessary, on a daily basis;
(3) A variety of fresh and seasonal foods, adapted to the food habits, preferences, and
physical abilities of the residents;
(4) At a minimum, some assistance with ADLs and IADLs to meet the scheduled and
unscheduled service needs of the residents; and
(5) Laundry and housekeeping service not provided by the resident or surrogate.
(b) An ALR shall facilitate access for a resident to appropriate health and social services,
including social work, home health agencies, nursing, rehabilitative, hospice, medical, dental,
dietary, counseling, and psychiatric services.
(c) An ALR shall provide or coordinate scheduled transportation to community-based services