Providers must furnish adequate services and oversight/supervision, including
adequate security measures, around the clock, as needed for any resident.
Providers at Levels 1-3 are licensed to provide assisted living services that are
described as a coordinated array of supportive personal services, 24-hour supervision
and assistance (scheduled and unscheduled), activities, and health-related services that
are designed to allow the individual to reside in the least restrictive setting of his/her
choice, to accommodate individual resident’s changing needs and preferences, to
maximize the resident’s dignity, autonomy, privacy and independence, and to
encourage family and community involvement.
Basic services provided include assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) and
instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), basic personal laundry services,
opportunities for individual and group socialization and utilization of community
resources, housekeeping, transportation, services for residents who have behavior
problems, recreational activities, and assistance with self-administration of medications.
Providers must plan or arrange for health assessments, health care monitoring,
and assistance with health tasks as needed or requested. Facilities must have the
capacity to provide transportation for medical services, personal services
(barber/beauty), personal errands, and social/recreational activities.

Service Planning
Providers must complete a pre-admission appraisal of each applicant to assess his
or her needs and appropriateness for admission. Once admitted, the provider must
conduct an assessment of the resident’s needs and preferences to develop a service
plan. The service plan must include the scope, frequency, and duration of services and
monitoring that will be provided to meet the resident’s needs, and the staff/providers
responsible for furnishing the services, inclusive of third-party providers.
The service plan must be revised when a resident’s condition or preferences
change. Providers must conduct a documented review of the service plan at least
quarterly, and make changes at any time as needed.

Third-Party Providers
Family members may provide services not available through the facility, or
residents may arrange for such care at their own expense, as long as the resident
remains in compliance with the conditions of residency. Facilities may not arrange or
contract for health-related services in addition to those allowed by regulation but they
must ensure that the needed services are provided, even if those services are to be
provided by the resident’s family or by an outside source under contract with the