481—57.4(135C) Special categories.

Special variations and considerations may be granted a residential
care facility which is operated for people who have special problems such as intellectual disabilities,
physical disabilities have a physical or mental disability or a condition in common which can best be
treated in a specialized environment under an approved program of care commensurate with the needs of
the residents of the facility. Criteria for this specialized programs shall be established by the department
based on the résumé of programs and services furnished by the facility and the numbers and qualifications
of the administrator and staff providing these services in the facility.
57.4(1) Such a facility shall be provided with the kind of equipment, numbers of qualified staff, and
operated in such fashion as to meet the requirements of the department.
57.4(2) On approval of the department, the state fire marshal, the department of human services, or
other appropriate agencies, other variations from the established rules and regulations and standards for
a licensed health care facility of that category may be made as is necessary to successfully implement
the specialized program, providing that it does not endanger the health, safety, or welfare of any resident
and that alternate means to effect the same degree of protection shall be used when such variances are