He-P 805.07 SRHCF Construction, Modifications or Structural Alterations.

  • Sixty days prior to initiating construction, the SRHCF shall provide to the department notice and accurate architectural plans or drawings, unless otherwise directed, that show the room designation(s) and exact measurements of each area to be licensed, including windows and door sizes and each rooms use for the following:
  • A new building;
  • Alterations to any resident area;
  • Alterations that require approval from local or state authorities; or
  • Modifications that might affect compliance with the health and safety, fire or building codes, including but not limited to, fire suppression, detection systems and means of
  • Architectural sprinkler and fire alarm plans shall be submitted to the NH state fire marshal’s office as required by RSA 153:10-b,
  • Rehabilitation work on existing buildings shall be classified as one of the following work categories in accordance with NFPA 101, section and require the submission of architectural plans or drawings to the department unless directed otherwise:
    • Repair;
    • Renovation;
    • Modification;
    • Reconstruction;
    • Change of use or occupancy classification; or
  • The department shall review plans for construction, modifications, or structural alterations of an SRHCF for compliance with all applicable sections of RSA 151 and He-P 805 and notify the applicant or licensee as to whether the proposed changes comply with these
  • Department approval shall not be required prior to initiating construction, renovations, or structural alterations, however, an applicant or licensee who proceeds prior to receiving approval shall do so at their own risk.
  • The SRHCF shall comply with all applicable licensing rules when doing construction, modifications, or structural
  • A licensee or applicant constructing, modifying, or structurally altering a building shall comply with the following:
    • The state fire code, Saf-C 6000, including but not limited to the health care chapter of NFPA 101, as adopted by the commissioner of the department of safety under RSA 153, and as amended pursuant to RSA 153:5, I, by the state fire marshal with the board of fire control;
    • The state building code as defined in RSA 155-A:1, IV, as amended by the building code review board pursuant to RSA 155-A:10, V; and
    • Local rules, regulations, and ordinances.
  • All SRHCFs newly constructed or renovated after the 2015 effective date of He-P 805 shall follow the Facility Guidelines Institutes (FGI) “Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities,” Residential Healthcare chapter, 2010 edition, as applicable, as available as noted in Appendix
  • Where renovation or structural alteration work is done within an existing facility, all such work shall comply, insofar as practicable, with applicable sections of the FGI “Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities,” Residential Healthcare chapter, 2010 edition, as available as noted in Appendix
  • Per the FGI “Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities,” Residential Healthcare chapter, 2010 edition, as available as noted in Appendix A, and notwithstanding (i) above, where it is evident that a reasonable degree of safety is provided, the requirements for existing buildings shall be permitted to be modified if their application would be impractical in the judgment of the authority having jurisdiction.
  • The department’s bureau of health facilities administration shall be the authority having jurisdiction for the requirements in (h) above and shall negotiate compliance and grant waivers in accordance with He-P 805.10 as
  • Waivers granted by the department for construction or renovation purposes shall not require annual renewal unless the underlying reason or circumstances for the waivers
  • Exceptions or variances pertaining to the state fire code referenced in (g)(1) above shall be granted only by the state fire
  • The building or renovated space shall be subject to an inspection pursuant to He-P 805.09 prior to its



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