59A-36.003 Licensing and Change of Ownership.

(1) LICENSE APPLICATION. An applicant for a standard assisted living facility license, a limited mental health license, an extended congregate care license, or a limited nursing services license may apply for licensure pursuant to the requirements of chapters 408, part II, 429, part I, F.S., and rule chapter 59A-35, F.A.C.

(2) CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP. In addition to the requirements for a change of ownership contained in chapter 408, part II, F.S., section 429.12, F.S., and rule chapter 59A-35, F.A.C., the following provisions relating to resident funds apply pursuant to section 429.27, F.S.:

(a) At the time of transfer of ownership, all resident funds on deposit, advance payments of resident rents, resident security deposits, and resident trust funds held by the current licensee must be transferred to the applicant. Proof of such transfer must be provided to the agency at the time of the agency survey and before the issuance of a standard license. This provision does not apply to entrance fees paid to a continuing care facility subject to the acquisition provisions in section 651.024, F.S.

(b) The transferor must provide to each resident a statement detailing the amount and type of funds held by the facility and credited to the resident.

(c) The transferee must notify each resident in writing of the manner in which the transferee is holding the resident’s funds and state the name and address of the depository where the funds are being held, the amount held, and type of funds credited.

(3) CONDITIONAL LICENSE. Except as provided in section 429.14, F.S., the agency may issue a conditional license to a facility if, at the time of license renewal the facility is found to have uncorrected violations that the facility has had an opportunity to correct. The issuance of a conditional license does not change the biennial license expiration date.

(4) OSS RESIDENT DETERMINATION. With respect to the fee per bed required for a standard license, the number of OSS recipients claimed shall be the average number per month residing in the facility during the previous license period. An additional per bed charge shall be added to the bed fee for facilities whose average number of OSS residents per month was less than the number of beds designated for OSS recipients during the previous license period.