Title Resident Care – Supervision
Statute or Rule 429.26(7) FS; 58A-5.0182(1) FAC

429.26 (7) The facility must notify a licensed physician when a resident exhibits signs of dementia or cognitive impairment or has a change of condition in order to rule out the presence of an underlying physiological condition that may be contributing to such dementia or impairment. The notification must occur within 30 days after the acknowledgment of such signs by facility staff. If an underlying condition is determined to exist, the facility shall arrange, with the appropriate health care provider, the necessary care and services to treat the condition

(1) An assisted living facility must provide care and services appropriate to the needs of residents accepted for admission to the facility.
(1) SUPERVISION. Facilities must offer personal supervision as appropriate for each resident, including the following:
(a) Monitoring of the quantity and quality of resident diets in accordance with Rule 58A-5.020, F.A.C.
(b) Daily observation by designated staff of the activities of the resident while on the premises, and awareness of the general health, safety, and physical and emotional well-being of the resident.
(c) Maintaining a general awareness of the resident ‘ s whereabouts. The resident may travel independently in the community.
(d) Contacting the resident ‘ s health care provider and other appropriate party such as the resident ‘ s family, guardian, health care surrogate, or case manager if the resident exhibits a significant change; contacting the resident ‘ s family, guardian, health care surrogate, or case manager if the resident is discharged or moves out.
(e) Maintaining a written record, updated as needed, of any significant changes, any illnesses that resulted in medical attention, changes in the method of medication administration, or other changes that resulted in the provision of additional services