Title Medication – Pill Organizers
Statute or Rule 58A-5.0185(2) FAC

(a) A ” pill organizer ” means a container that is designed to hold solid doses of medication and is divided according to day and time increments.
(b) A resident who self-administers medications may use a pill organizer.
(c) A nurse may manage a pill organizer to be used only by residents who self-administer medications. The nurse is responsible for instructing the resident in the proper use of the pill organizer. The nurse must manage the pill organizer in the following manner: 1. Obtain the labeled medication container from the storage area or the resident; 2. Transfer the medication from the original container into a pill organizer, labeled with the resident ‘ s name, according to the day and time increments as prescribed;
3. Return the medication container to the storage area or resident; and
4. Document the date and time the pill organizer was filled in the resident ‘ s record.
(d) If there is a determination that the resident is not taking medications as prescribed after the medicinal benefits are explained, it must be noted in the resident ‘ s record and the facility must consult with the resident concerning providing assistance with self-administration or the administration of medications if such services are offered by the facility. The facility must contact the resident ‘ s health care provider regarding questions, concerns, or observations relating to the resident ‘ s medications. Such communication must be documented in the resident ‘ s record