Title Medication – Assistance with Self-Admin
Statute or Rule 58A-5.0185 (3)

(a) Any unlicensed person providing assistance with self administration of medication must be 18 years of age or older, trained to assist with self administered medication pursuant to the training requirements of Rule 58A-5.0191, F.A.C., and must be available to assist residents with self-administered medications in accordance with procedures described in Section 429.256, F.S. and this rule.
(b) In addition to the specifications of Section 429.256(3), F.S., assistance with self-administration of medication includes verbally prompting a resident to take medications as prescribed.
(c) In order to facilitate assistance with self-administration, trained staff may prepare and make available such items as water, juice, cups, and spoons. Trained staff may also return unused doses to the medication container. Medication, which appears to have been contaminated, must not be returned to the container.
(d) Trained staff must observe the resident take the medication. Any concerns about the resident ‘ s reaction to the medication or suspected noncompliance must be reported to the resident ‘ s health care provider and documented in the resident ‘ s record.
(e) When a resident who receives assistance with medication is away from the facility and from facility staff, the following options are available to enable the resident to take medication as prescribed:
1. The health care provider may prescribe a medication schedule that coincides with the resident ‘ s presence in the facility;
2. The medication container may be given to the resident, a friend, or family member upon leaving the facility, with this fact noted in the resident ‘ s medication record;
3. The medication may be transferred to a pill organizer pursuant to the requirements of subsection (2) and given to
the resident, a friend, or family member upon leaving the facility, with this fact noted in the resident ‘ s medication record; or
4. Medications may be separately prescribed and dispensed in an easier to use the form, such as unit-dose packaging; (f) Assistance with self-administration of the medication does not include the activities detailed in Section 429.256(4), F.S. 1. As used in Section 429.256(4)(h), F.S., the term ” competent resident ” means that the resident is cognizant of when a medication is required and understands the purpose of taking the medication.
2. As used in Section 429.256(4)(i), F.S., the terms ” judgment ” and ” discretion ” mean interpreting vital signs and evaluating or assessing a resident ‘ s condition.


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