Title Medication – Records
Statute or Rule 58A-5.0185(5) FAC

(a) For residents who use a pill organizer managed in subsection
(2), the facility must keep either the original labeled medication container; or a medication listing with the prescription number, the name and address of the issuing pharmacy, the health care provider ‘ s name, the resident ‘ s name, the date dispensed, the name and strength of the drug, and the directions for use.
(b) The facility must maintain a daily medication observation record (MOR) for each resident who receives assistance with self-administration of medications or medication administration. A medication observation record must include the name of the resident and any known allergies the resident may have; the name of the resident ‘ s health care provider, the health care provider ‘ s telephone number; the name, strength, and directions for use of each medication; and a chart for recording each time the medication is taken, any missed dosages, refusals to take medication as prescribed, or medication errors. The medication observation record must be immediately updated each time the medication is offered or administered.
(c) For medications that serve as chemical restraints, the facility must, pursuant to Section 429.41, F.S., maintain a record of the prescribing physician ‘ s annual evaluation of the use of the medication