Title Pharmacy & Dietary; Uncorrected Deficiencies
Statute or Rule 429.42(1-2) FS; 58A-5.033(3)(a) FAC

429.42 Pharmacy and dietary services.-
(1) Any assisted living facility in which the agency has documented a class I or class II deficiency or uncorrected class III deficiencies regarding medicinal drugs or over-the-counter preparations, including their storage, use, delivery, or administration, or dietary services, or both, during a biennial survey or a monitoring visit or an investigation in response to a complaint, shall, in addition to or as an alternative to any penalties imposed under s. 429.19, be required to employ the consultant services of a licensed pharmacist, a licensed registered nurse, or a registered or licensed dietitian, as applicable. The consultant shall, at a minimum, provide onsite quarterly consultation until the inspection team from the agency determines that such consultation services are no longer required.
(2) A corrective action plan for deficiencies related to assistance with the self-administration of medication or the administration of medication must be developed and implemented by the facility within 48 hours after notification of such deficiency, or sooner if the deficiency is determined by the agency to be life-threatening.

(a) Medication Deficiencies.
1. If a class I, class II, or uncorrected class III deficiency directly relating to facility medication practices as established in Rule 58A-5.0185, F.A.C., is documented by the agency pursuant to an inspection of the facility, the agency must notify the facility in writing that the facility must employ or contract the services of a pharmacist licensed pursuant to Section 465.0125, F.S., or registered nurse as determined by the agency.
2. After developing and implementing a corrective action plan in compliance with Section 429.42(2), F.S., the initial on-site consultant visit must take place within 7 working days of the notice of the class I or II deficiency and within 14 working days of the notice of an uncorrected class III deficiency. The facility must have available for review by the agency a copy of the license of the consultant pharmacist or registered nurse and the consultant ‘ s signed and dated review of the corrective action plan no later than 10 working days subsequent to the initial on-site consultant visit.
3. The facility must provide the agency with, at a minimum, quarterly on-site corrective action plan updates until the agency determines after written notification by the consultant and facility administrator that deficiencies are corrected and staff has been trained to ensure that proper medication standards are followed and that such consultant services are no longer required. The agency must provide the facility with written notification of such determination.