59A-36.010 Staffing Standards.

(1) ADMINISTRATORS. Every facility must be under the supervision of an administrator who is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the facility including the management of all staff and the provision of appropriate care to all residents as required by chapters 408, part II, 429, part I, F.S., and rule chapter 59A-35, F.A.C., and this rule chapter.

(a) An administrator must:

  1. Be at least 21 years of age;
  2. If employed on or after October 30, 1995, have, at a minimum, a high school diploma or G.E.D.;
  3. Be in compliance with Level 2 background screening requirements pursuant to sections 408.809 and 429.174, F.S.;
  4. Complete the core training and core competency test requirements pursuant to rule 59A-36.011, F.A.C., no later than 90 days after becoming employed as a facility administrator. Administrators who attended core training prior to July 1, 1997, are not required to take the competency test unless specified elsewhere in this rule; and,
  5. Satisfy the continuing education requirements pursuant to rule 59A-36.011, F.A.C. Administrators who are not in compliance with these requirements must retake the core training and core competency test requirements in effect on the date the non-compliance is discovered by the agency or the department.

(b) In the event of extenuating circumstances, such as the death of a facility administrator, the agency may permit an individual who otherwise has not satisfied the training requirements of subparagraph (1)(a)4. of this rule, to temporarily serve as the facility administrator for a period not to exceed 90 days. During the 90 day period, the individual temporarily serving as facility administrator must:

  1. Complete the core training and core competency test requirements pursuant to rule 59A-36.011, F.A.C.; and,
  2. Complete all additional training requirements if the facility maintains licensure as an extended congregate care or limited mental health facility.

(c) Administrators may supervise a maximum of either three assisted living facilities or a group of facilities on a single campus providing housing and health care Administrators who supervise more than one facility must appoint in writing a separate manager for each facility. However, an administrator supervising a maximum of three assisted living facilities, each licensed for 16 or fewer beds and all within a 15 mile radius of each other, is only required to appoint two managers to assist in the operation and maintenance of those facilities.

(d) An individual serving as a manager must satisfy the same qualifications, background screening, core training and competency test requirements, and continuing education requirements as an administrator pursuant to paragraph (1)(a) of this rule. Managers who attended the core training program prior to April 20, 1998, are not required to take the competency test unless specified elsewhere in this rule. In addition, a manager may not serve as a manager of more than a single facility, except as provided in paragraph (1)(c) of this rule, and may not simultaneously serve as an administrator of any other facility.

(e) Pursuant to section 429.176, F.S., facility owners must notify the Agency Central Office within 10 days of a change in facility administrator on the Notification of Change of Administrator form, AHCA Form 3180-1006, June 2016, which is incorporated by reference and available online at: http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-09393.




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