Title Training – Documentation & Monitoring
Statute or Rule 58A-5.0191(12) FAC

(12) TRAINING DOCUMENTATION AND MONITORING. (a) Except as otherwise noted, certificates, or copies of certificates, of any training required by this rule must be documented in the facility ‘ s personnel files. The documentation must include the following
1. The title of the training program;
2. The subject matter of the training program;
3. The training program agenda;
4. The number of hours of the training program;
5. The trainee ‘ s name, dates of participation, and location of the training program;
6. The training provider ‘ s name, dated signature, and credentials, and professional license number, if applicable.
(b) Upon successful completion of training pursuant to this rule, the training provider must issue a certificate to the trainee as specified in this rule.
(c) The facility must provide the Department of Elder Affairs and the Agency for Health Care Administration with training documentation and training certificates for review, as requested. The department and agency reserve the right to attend and monitor all facility in-service training, which is intended to meet regulatory requirements.