Title Fiscal – Financial Stability
Statute or Rule 429.17(3) FS: 429.275(1)58A-5.021(1) FAC

(3) In addition to the requirements of part II of chapter 408, each facility must report to the agency any adverse court action concerning the facility ‘ s financial viability, within 7 days after its occurrence. The agency shall have access to books, records, and any other financial documents maintained by the facility to the extent necessary to determine the facility ‘ s financial stability.
(1) The administrator or owner of a facility shall maintain accurate business records that identify, summarize, and classify funds received and expenses disbursed and shall use written accounting procedures and a recognized accounting system.
(1) FINANCIAL STABILITY. The facility must be administered on a sound financial basis in order to ensure adequate resources to meet resident needs pursuant to the requirements of Part II, Chapter 408, F.S., Part I, Chapter 429, F.S., Rule Chapter 59A-35, F.A.C., and this rule chapter.