Title Fiscal – Resident Trust Funds
Statute or Rule 429.27(3-4) FS; 58A-5.021(2) FAC

(3) A facility, upon mutual consent with the resident, shall provide for the safekeeping in the facility of personal effects not in excess of $500 and funds of the resident not in excess of $500 cash, and shall keep complete and accurate records of all such funds and personal effects received. If a resident is absent from a facility for 24 hours or more, the facility may provide for the safekeeping of the resident ‘ s personal effects in excess of $500.
(4) Any funds or other property belonging to or due to a resident, or expendable for his or her account, which is received by a facility shall be trust funds which shall be kept separate from the funds and property of the facility and other residents or shall be specifically credited to such resident. Such trust funds shall be used or otherwise expended only for the account of the resident. At least once every 3 months, unless upon order of a court of competent jurisdiction, the facility shall furnish the resident and his or her guardian, trustee, or conservator, if any, a complete and verified statement of all funds and other property to which this subsection applies, detailing the amount and items received, together with their sources and disposition. In any event, the facility shall furnish such statement annually and upon the discharge or transfer of a resident. Any governmental agency or private charitable agency contributing funds or other property to the account of a resident shall also be entitled to receive such statement annually and upon the discharge or transfer of the resident.

(2) RESIDENT TRUST FUNDS. Funds or other property received by the facility belonging to or due a resident, including personal funds, must be held as trust funds and expended only for the resident ‘ s account. Resident funds or property may be held in one bank account if a separate written accounting for each resident is maintained. A separate bank account is required for facility funds; co-mingling resident funds with facility funds is prohibited. Written accounting procedures for resident trust funds must include income and expense records of the trust fund, including the source and disposition of the funds.