1) NEW FACILITIES. Newly constructed facilities to be licensed as assisted living facilities, and existing structures, not previously licensed as assisted living facilities, to be converted to assisted living facilities, as well as any subsequent additions, modifications, alterations, renovations or refurbishing of such facilities, are required by governmental entities other than the Department of Elder Affairs to adhere to certain building code and fire safety standards. Such standards may be found in:

(a) Chapter 4, Section 464, of the Florida Building Code as adopted in rule 61G20-1.001, F.A.C.;

(b) Section 633.022, F.S., Uniform Firesafety Standards and rule chapter 69A-40, F.A.C. The Uniform Fire Safety Standards for Assisted Living Facilities; and,

(c) The National Fire Protection Association codes described in section 429.41, F.S.


(a) All facilities must:

  1. Provide a safe living environment pursuant to section 429.28(1)(a), F.S.;
  2. Be maintained free of hazards; and,
  3. Ensure that all existing architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural systems, and appurtenances are maintained in good working order.

(b) Pursuant to section 429.27, F.S., residents must be given the option of using their own belongings as space permits. When the facility supplies the furnishings, each resident bedroom or sleeping area must have at least the following furnishings:

  1. A clean, comfortable bed with a mattress no less than 36 inches wide and 72 inches long, with the top surface of the mattress at a comfortable height to ensure easy access by the resident,
  2. A closet or wardrobe space for hanging clothes,
  3. A dresser, chest or other furniture designed for storage of clothing or personal effects,
  4. A table or nightstand, bedside lamp or floor lamp, and waste basket; and,
  5. A comfortable chair, if requested.

(c) The facility must maintain master or duplicate keys to resident bedrooms to be used in the event of an emergency.

(d) Residents who use portable bedside commodes must be provided with privacy during use.

(e) Facilities must make available linens and personal laundry services for residents who require such services. Linens provided by a facility must be free of tears, stains and must not be threadbare.