59A-36.015 Records.

The facility must maintain required records in a manner that makes such records readily available at the licensee’s physical address for review by a legally authorized entity. If records are maintained in an electronic format, facility staff must be readily available to access the data and produce the requested information. For purposes of this section, “readily available” means the ability to immediately produce documents, records, or other such data, either in electronic or paper format, upon request.

(1) FACILITY RECORDS. Facility records must include:

(a) The facility’s license displayed in a conspicuous and public place within the facility.

(b) An up-to-date admission and discharge log listing the names of all residents and each resident’s:

  1. Date of admission, the facility or place from which the resident was admitted, and if applicable, a notation indicating that the resident was admitted with a stage 2 pressure sore; and,
  2. Date of discharge, reason for discharge, and identification of the facility or home address to which the resident was discharged. Readmission of a resident to the facility after discharge requires a new entry in the log. Discharge of a resident is not required if the facility is holding a bed for a resident who is out of the facility but intending to return pursuant to Rule 59A-36.018, F.A.C. If the resident dies while in the care of the facility, the log must indicate the date of death.

(c) A log listing the names of all temporary emergency placement and respite care residents if not included on the log described in paragraph (b).

(d) The facility’s emergency management plan, with documentation of review and approval by the county emergency management agency, as described in Rule 59A-36.019, F.A.C., that must be readily available by facility staff.

(e) The facility’s liability insurance policy required in Rule 59A-36.013, F.A.C.

(f) For facilities that have a surety bond, a copy of the surety bond currently in effect as required by Rule 59A-36.013, F.A.C.

(g) The admission package presented to new or prospective residents (less the resident’s contract) described in Rule 59A-36.006, F.A.C.

(h) If the facility advertises that it provides special care for persons with Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders, a copy of all such facility advertisements as required by Section 429.177, F.S.

(i) A grievance procedure for receiving and responding to resident complaints and recommendations as described in Rule 59A-36.007, F.A.C.

(j) All food service records required in Rule 59A-36.012, F.A.C., including menus planned and served and county health department inspection reports. Facilities that contract for food services, must include a copy of the contract for food services and the food service contractor’s license or certificate to operate.

(k) All fire safety inspection reports issued by the local authority or the State Fire Marshal pursuant to Section 429.41, F.S., and rule Chapter 69A-40, F.A.C., issued within the last 2 years.

(l) All sanitation inspection reports issued by the county health department pursuant to Section 381.031, F.S., and Chapter 64E-12, F.A.C., issued within the last 2 years.

(m) Pursuant to Section 429.35, F.S., all completed survey, inspection and complaint investigation reports, and notices of sanctions and moratoriums issued by the agency within the last 5 years.

(n) The facility’s resident elopement response policies and procedures.

(o) The facility’s documented resident elopement response drills.

(p) For facilities licensed as limited mental health, extended congregate care, or limited nursing services, records required as stated in Rules 59A-36.020, 59A-36.021 and 59A-36.022, F.A.C., respectively