(a) Personnel records for each staff member must contain, at a minimum, a copy of the employment application, with references furnished, and documentation verifying freedom from signs or symptoms of communicable disease. In addition, records must contain the following, as applicable:

  1. Documentation of compliance with all staff training and continuing education required by rule 59A-36.011, F.A.C.,
  2. Copies of all licenses or certifications for all staff providing services that require licensing or certification,
  3. Documentation of compliance with level 2 background screening for all staff subject to screening requirements as specified in section 429.174, F.S., and rule 59A-36.010, F.A.C.,
  4. For facilities with a licensed capacity of 17 or more residents, a copy of the job description given to each staff member pursuant to rule 59A-36.010, F.A.C.,
  5. Documentation verifying direct care staff and administrator participation in resident elopement drills pursuant to paragraph 59A-36.007(8)(c), F.A.C.

(b) The facility is not required to maintain personnel records for staff provided by a licensed staffing agency or staff employed by an entity contracting to provide direct or indirect services to residents and the facility. However, the facility must maintain a copy of the contract between the facility and the staffing agency or contractor as described in rule 59A-36.010, F.A.C.

(c) The facility must maintain the written work schedules and staff time sheets for the most current 6 months as required by rule 59A-36.010, F.A.C.