Title Risk Mgmt & QA; Liability Claim Report
Statute or Rule 429.23(5) FS; 58A-5.0242 FAC

FS Internal risk management and quality assurance program; adverse incidents and reporting requirements.-
(5) Each facility shall report monthly to the agency any liability claim filed against it. The report must include the name of the resident, the dates of the incident leading to the claim, if applicable, and the type of injury or violation of rights alleged to have occurred. This report is not discoverable in any civil or administrative action, except in such actions brought by the agency to enforce the provisions of this part.

58A-5.0242 Liability Claim Report.
(1) MONTHLY LIABILITY CLAIM REPORT. Each assisted living facility must report monthly any liability claim filed against the facility pursuant to Rule 59A-35.110, F.A.C., which requires online reporting. Each facility must comply with the reporting time frames and transmission requirements specified in Section 429.23(5), F.S.
(2) If a liability claim has not been filed against the facility in a given month, no report is required.