59A-36.018 Resident Contracts.

(1) Pursuant to section 429.24, F.S., the facility must offer a contract for execution by the resident or the resident’s legal representative before or at the time of admission. The contract must contain the following provisions:

(a) A list of the specific services, supplies and accommodations to be provided by the facility to the resident, including limited nursing and extended congregate care services that the resident elects to receive;

(b) The daily, weekly, or monthly rate;

(c) A list of any additional services and charges to be provided that are not included in the daily, weekly, or monthly rates, or a reference to a separate fee schedule that must be attached to the contract;

(d) A provision stating that at least 30 days written notice will be given before any rate increase;

(e) Any rights, duties, or obligations of residents, other than those specified in section 429.28, F.S.;

(f) The purpose of any advance payments or deposit payments, and the refund policy for such advance or deposit payments;

(g) A refund policy that must conform to section 429.24(3), F.S.;

(h) A written bed hold policy and provisions for terminating a bed hold agreement if a facility agrees in writing to reserve a bed for a resident who is admitted to a nursing home, health care facility, or psychiatric facility. The resident or responsible party must notify the facility in writing of any change in status that would prevent the resident from returning to the facility. Until such written notice is received, the agreed upon daily, weekly, or monthly rate may be charged by the facility unless the resident’s medical condition prevents the resident from giving written notification, such as when a resident is comatose, and the resident does not have a responsible party to act on the resident’s behalf;

(i) A provision stating whether the facility is affiliated with any religious organization and, if so, which organization and its relationship to the facility;

(j) A provision that, upon determination by the administrator or health care provider that the resident needs services beyond those that the facility is licensed to provide, the resident or the resident’s representative, or agency acting on the resident’s behalf, must be notified in writing that the resident must make arrangements for transfer to a care setting that is able to provide services needed by the resident. In the event the resident has no one to represent him or her, the facility must refer the resident to the social service agency for placement. If there is disagreement regarding the appropriateness of placement, provisions outlined in section 429.26(8), F.S., will take effect;

(k) A provision that residents must be assessed upon admission pursuant to subsection 59A-36.006(2), F.A.C., and every 3 years thereafter, or after a significant change, pursuant to subsection (4), of that rule;

(l) The facility’s policies and procedures for self-administration, assistance with self-administration, and administration of medications, if applicable, pursuant to rule 59A-36.008, F.A.C. This also includes provisions regarding over-the-counter (OTC) products pursuant to subsection (8) of that rule; and,

(m) The facility’s policies and procedures related to a properly executed DH Form 1896, Do Not Resuscitate Order.

(2) The resident, or the resident’s representative, must be provided with a copy of the executed contract.

(3) The facility may not levy an additional charge for any supplies, services, or accommodations that the facility has agreed by contract to provide as part of the standard daily, weekly, or monthly rate. The resident or resident’s representative must be furnished in advance with an itemized written statement setting forth additional charges for any services, supplies, or accommodations available to residents not covered under the contract. An addendum must be added to the resident contract to reflect the additional services, supplies, or accommodations not provided under the original agreement. Such addendum must be dated and signed by the facility and the resident or resident’s legal representative and a copy given to the resident or resident’s representative.