FACILITY EVACUATION. The facility must evacuate the premises during or after an emergency if so directed by the local emergency management agency.

(a) The facility must report the evacuation to the local office of emergency management or designee and to the agency within 6 hours of the evacuation order. If the evacuation takes more than 6 hours, the facility must report when the evacuation is completed.

(b) The facility must not be re-occupied until the area is cleared for reentry by the local emergency management agency or its designee and the facility can meet the immediate needs of the residents.

(c) A facility with significant structural damage must relocate residents until the facility can be safely re-occupied.

(d) The facility is responsible for knowing the location of all residents until the residents have been relocated to another facility.

(e) The facility must provide the agency with the name of a contact person who must be available by telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until the facility is re-occupied.

(f) The facility must assist in the relocation of residents, and must cooperate with outreach teams established by the Department of Health or emergency management agency to assist in relocation efforts. Resident needs and preferences must be considered to the extent possible in any relocation decision.