EMERGENCY SHELTER. In the event a state of emergency has been declared and the facility is not required to evacuate the premises, the facility may provide emergency shelter above the facility’s licensed capacity provided the following conditions are met:

(a) Life safety will not be jeopardized for any individual;

(b) The immediate needs of residents and other individuals sheltered at the facility can be met by the facility;

(c) The facility reports the number of individuals over its licensed capacity and the conditions causing it to the Agency Field Office within 48 hours or as soon as practical. As an alternative, the facility may report to the Agency Central Office at (850)412-4304. If the facility will continue to be over capacity after the declared emergency ends, the agency will review requests for excess capacity on a case-by-case basis; and,

(d) The facility maintains a log of the additional individuals being housed in the facility. The log must include the individual’s name, usual address, and the dates of arrival and departure. The log must be available for review by representatives of the agency, the department, the local emergency management agency or its designee. The admissions and discharge log maintained by the facility may be used for this purpose provided the information is maintained in a manner that is easily accessible.