Title ADCCs in ALF
Statute or Rule FS 429.905 (2); 58A-6.013 (2-3) FAC

A licensed assisted living facility, a licensed hospital, or a licensed nursing home facility may provide services during the day which include, but are not limited to, social, health, therapeutic, recreational, nutritional, and respite services, to adults who are not residents. Such a facility need not be licensed as an adult day care center; however, the agency must monitor the facility during the regular inspection and at least biennially to ensure adequate space and sufficient staff.

If an assisted living facility, a hospital, or a nursing home holds itself out to the public as an adult day care center, it must be licensed as such and meet all standards prescribed by statute and rule.

For the purpose of this subsection, the term ” day ” means any portion of a 24-hour day.

(2) The Participant Capacity shall be determined by the total amount of Net Floor Space available for all of the Participants. Centers licensed prior to the effective date of this rule shall provide 30 square feet of net floor area per Participant. For Centers initially licensed after November 9, 1995, there shall not be less than 45 square feet of net floor area per Participant. Centers shall be required to provide additional floor space for special target populations to accommodate activities required by Participant care plans. A change in space usage that increases or decreases the Participant Capacity must continue to comply with all requirements of Part III of Chapter 429, F.S., and this rule.

(3) The Participant Capacity of facilities that are exempt from licensure as an Adult Day Care Center pursuant to Section 429.905, F.S., shall be determined by the total amount of Congregate Space available to the Participants. Such Facilities shall utilize separate space over and above the minimum requirement needed to meet their own licensure certification approval requirements.