STAFFING REQUIREMENTS. The following staffing requirements apply for extended congregate care services:

(a) Supervision by an administrator who has a minimum of two years of managerial, nursing, social work, therapeutic recreation, or counseling experience in a residential, long-term care, or acute care setting or agency serving elderly or disabled persons. If an administrator appoints a manager as the supervisor of an extended congregate care facility, both the administrator and manager must satisfy the requirements of subsection 59A-36.010(1), F.A.C.

  1. A baccalaureate degree may be substituted for one year of the required experience.
  2. A nursing home administrator licensed under Chapter 468, F.S., is qualified under this paragraph.

(b) Provide staff or contract the services of a nurse who must be available to provide nursing services, participate in the development of resident service plans, and perform monthly nursing assessments for extended congregate care residents.

(c) Provide enough qualified staff to meet the needs of extended congregate care residents in accordance with Rule 59A-36.010, F.A.C., and to provide the services established in each resident’s service plan.

(d) Ensure that adequate staff is awake during all hours to meet the scheduled and unscheduled needs of residents.

(e) Immediately provide additional or appropriately qualified staff, when the agency determines that service plans are not being followed or that residents’ needs are not being met because insufficient staffing, in accordance with the staffing standards established in Rule 59A-36.010, F.A.C.

(f) Ensure and document that staff receive extended congregate care training as required in Rule 59A-36.011, F.A.C