In addition to the staffing and care standards of this rule chapter to provide for the welfare of residents in an assisted living facility, a facility holding a limited mental health license must:

(a) Meet the facility’s obligation to assist the resident in carrying out the activities identified in the Community Living Support Plan;

(b) Provide an opportunity for private face-to-face contact between the mental health resident and the resident’s mental health case manager or other treatment personnel of the resident’s mental health care provider;

(c) Observe resident behavior and functioning in the facility, and record and communicate observations to the resident’s mental health case manager or mental health care provider regarding any significant behavioral or situational changes that may signify the need for a change in the resident’s professional mental health services, supports, and services described in the community living support plan, or that the resident is no longer appropriate for residency in the facility;

(d) If the facility initiates an involuntary mental health examination pursuant to section 394.463, F.S., the facility must document the circumstances leading to the initiation of the examination;

(e) Ensure that designated staff have completed limited mental health training as required by rule 59A-36.011, F.A.C.; and,

(f) Maintain facility, staff, and resident records in accordance with the requirements of this rule chapter.