1.             All staff of the facility shall know the location and the proper use of fire extinguishers and the other procedures to be followed in case of fire or other emergencies.  The facility should request the local fire prevention authority to give periodic instructions in the use of fire prevention and techniques of evacuation.
  2.             Facility staff shall be instructed as part of their duties to constantly strive to detect and eliminate potential safety hazards, such as loose handrails, frayed electrical cords, blocked exits or exit-ways and any other condition which could cause burns, falls, or other personal injury to the residents or staff.
  3.             Each new resident admitted to the facility shall be given an orientation tour of the facility to include the location of the exits, fire extinguishers and telephones and shall be instructed in the actions to be taken in case of fire or other emergencies.
  4.             Fire drill procedures.  The facility must conduct at least one (1) fire drill each month.

                                (1)           Fire drills shall be held at different times of the day, evening and night.

                                (2)           The fire alarm system or detector system in the facility shall be used in the fire drills.  During the night, the fire drill alarm may be silenced.

                                (3)           During the fire drills, emphasis shall be placed upon orderly evacuation under proper discipline rather than upon speed.

                                (4)           A record of the conducted fire drills shall be maintained on file in the facility.  The record shall show the date and time of the drill, the number of personnel participating in the drill, any problem(s) noted during the drill, and the evacuation time in total minutes.

                                (5)           The local fire department may be requested to supervise and participate in the fire drills.