DHS 83.36 Staffing requirements.

(1) ADEQUATE STAFFING. (a) The CBRF shall provide employees in sufficient
numbers on a 24−hour basis to meet the needs of the residents.
(b) The CBRF shall ensure all of the following:
1. An administrator or other designated qualified resident
care staff in charge is on the premises of the CBRF daily to ensure
the CBRF is providing safe and adequate care, treatment and services.
2. At least one qualified resident care staff is present in the
CBRF when one or more residents are present in the CBRF.
3. At least one qualified resident care staff is on duty and
awake if at least one resident in the CBRF is in need of supervision, intervention or services on a 24−hour basis to prevent, control or improve the resident’s constant or intermittent mental or
physical condition that may occur or may become critical at any
time including residents who are at risk of elopement, who have
dementia, who are self−abusive, who become agitated or emotionally upset or who have changing or unstable health conditions
that require close monitoring.
4. At least one qualified resident care staff is on duty and
awake if the evacuation capability of at least one resident is 4 minutes or more.
(c) When all of the residents are away from the CBRF, at least
one qualified resident care staff shall be on call to provide coverage if a resident needs to return to the CBRF before the regularly
scheduled return time. The CBRF shall provide each resident or
the off−site location a means of contacting the resident care staff
who is on call.
(2) STAFFING SCHEDULE. The CBRF shall maintain a current
written schedule for staffing the CBRF. The schedule shall
include each employee’s full name, job assignment and time