Type of Staff. Each facility must have a director, designated recreational/activity staff, and direct care staff. Direct care staff may include care assistants, social workers, activities personnel, or other staff who clearly provide direct care services to residents. On a regular basis. One person may occupy more than one position. Staff Ratios. No minimum ratios.

Facilities must be sufficiently staffed to properly safeguard residents’ health, safety, and welfare. Providers must demonstrate that sufficient staff is scheduled and available to meet residents’ 24-hour scheduled and unscheduled needs and show adequate coverage for each day and night shift. Assisted living and shelter care facilities must have at least one staff person on duty and awake 24 hours a day.

A direct care staff person who is not in the facility, but who is on call, must not be included as direct care staff on any shift. Even more, administrators and other assisted living facility staff must meet minimum training and education requirements established by the Department of Elderly Affairs by rule.

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