§ 44-105.01. Standard of care.

(a) An ALR must care for its residents in a manner and in an environment that promotes •
maintenance and enhancement of the residents’ quality of life and independence.
(b) In order to promote resident independence and aging in place in a residential setting, at a
minimum, an ALR shall offer or coordinate for payment 24-hour supervision, assistance with
scheduled and unscheduled activities of daily living, and instrumental activities of daily living
as needed, as well as provision or coordination of recreational and social activities and health
services in a way that promotes optimum dignity and independence for the residents.

§ 44-105.02. Self-determination, choice, independence, participation, and privacy.
(a) A resident shall have the right to be treated at all times as follows:
(1) Courteously;
(2) Respectfully;
(3) With full recognition of personal dignity and individuality; and
(4) With the assurance of privacy and the opportunity to act autonomously and share in the
responsibility for decisions.
(b) A resident of an ALR shall have the right to live in an environment that:
(1) Maintains and enhances the resident’s dignity, independence, and respect in full
recognition of his or her individuality and physical and mental capabilities;
(2) Is creatively designed to counter loneliness, depression, dependence, boredom, and
designed to manage difficult behavior;
(3) Provides opportunities for socialization, social interaction, leisure activities, and spiritual
and religious activities consistent with the preferences and background of the resident; and
(4) Facilitates participation by arranging for transportation and assisting with communication
and social skills and other services